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Las Vegas is a city of riches and entertainment - and Las Vegas VIPs here get pampered excessively well and it starts from getting picked up at the airport in the most luxurious limos with a personal driver, entry to some of the biggest shows and events, penthouse accommodation, swanky nightclubs, and access to everything Las Vegas has to offer.

If you want to know some of the Las Vegas casino secrets, especially on how to beat the casinos, then let me give you some insight on how to become a casino winner.

When your gambling cash is at stake, it is essential for you to be well aware about many things. Although some gambling casino games involve a huge amount of luck, many casino games also require skill and proper strategy. Professional gamblers know that some casino games have dodgy traps or ways to beat them. To begin you need to understand the games in detail and the necessary rules. Did you know that all online casinos give details about each of the games they offer and also the HELP option in the casino software gives you information about the rules of the game? This is not the case in Las Vegas casinos. It is up to you to do your research before entering the casino floor.

The true Las Vegas casino secrets are not so secret anymore. There are no Las Vegas casino games that can be fixed. You can’t even card count nowadays because they use multiple decks in the shoes. The only secret is knowing how to play the games and that is easy.

Before heading to Vegas, practice on the internet at online casinos like Rushmore Casino. Not only do you get free money for signing up but you can practice playing at anytime so by the time you hit Vegas, you will be a casino pro. Put the casino odds in your favor by learning the strategies and rules online.

There has never been a much better time to get started at online casino gambling. Acquire the welcome bonuses offered by the casino to all new players. If you do not have an existing casino account then sign up for a new one and also claim the special bonuses offered. Make use of these bonuses as it will help you through the game as the extra bankroll.

Some tips for new players:

Make sure you choose a slots game that advertises a greater payout rate than the others. Most slots games pay out around 97-98%. That’s the one you need! Grab it and start playing!

If you manage your bankroll and play within a certain budget, then you are sure to have loads of fun and a good night’s sleep as well. Do not go over your specific betting amount, or else you’ll wind up penniless.

If you are playing at a land based casino in Las Vegas then do some research on which casinos offers better table games and go try your luck at it.

When wagering at roulette, it is advisable that you stick to the red/black or odd/even number bets. Your chances of winning are greater…. You need that don’t you?

Wager at games you know… At least have the basic knowledge to. Don't gamble on games you have no clue about. Don’t play blackjack and bet $100 a hand if you don’t know the rules or proper strategy.

Play smart and have fun… that’s the big Las Vegas casino secret.

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